Our story so far.

The alpine community of Sun Peaks is home to our Soap Lab, where we create cold pressed soap and other bath products from quality, natural ingredients. Produced in small batches to maintain craftsmanship, our formula produces a long-lasting bar, with a nice lather and a lot of moisture.

We use raw oil and natural additives, such as kaolin clay and ground oats, to increase the hydrating properties; natural colouring to produce soft-hued bars; and essential oils to provide fragrance and health benefits.

Sun Peaks Soap Works’ products are minimally packaged and produced from environmentally friendly ingredients sourced from local and Canadian companies.

A Local Entrepreneur

  • karencirlce

    Karen Kilba


Karen grew up watching her grandmother create large batches of tallow soap for her family to use throughout the year. This childhood experience instilled an appreciation for handcrafted items, so when Karen began having allergic reactions to most soap products due to health reasons, she decided to carry her grandmother’s tradition.

On a rainy day in April 2014 she began the learning process, studying and creating soaps that were gentle on her skin. What started as an idea has grown into her small business, Sun Peaks Soap Works. Each batch of soap is made with intention and infused with love and passion from her heart.


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